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  How to Find Motivation for Studying?


Do you have a reading to complete before Christmas break begins but you cannot just find the right motivation for it? The last days of semesters can be difficult for students, especially when holiday festivities are seen all over the town. But it is necessary or you to pass the class and submit the work on time. So what should you do?

Here are some tips that can assist you in finding the right motivation to complete your tasks, and before you know it, your schedule for the season would be clear!


Do Not Procrastinate

The most difficult part of any assignment is sitting down and starting it. Experts say that 90% of your task is completed when you find the right motivation to begin it. So, address the problems and assess why you can’t convince yourself to study. Is it because the task at hand is too long? Are you scared of failing it? Or do you just find the subject too boring? Once you sort out the problem, half of your troubles will vanish, and you would be able to start the assignment.

Do Not Underestimate Your Abilities

Sometimes, students are afraid to begin the tasks because they think it is too tough for them to handle. Do not compare your progress with others and just focus on completing the task by checking off one requirement at a time.

Break the Tasks

If you are putting off an assignment because it is time-consuming, then divide it into chunks to make it manageable. For instance, if you have to write a research paper, then assign 30 minutes for introduction, another 20 for the conclusion and so on. Once you get started, you might find something interesting that could serve as your motivation to complete the work in one sitting.


Use other Resources

Some subjects are boring, and you may want to delay your entire schedule to avoid that one particular task related to the discipline. But just like GK Chesterton said, “There are no boring subjects, just disinterested minds.” So you just need to figure out the right resources, like write my essay to make your task interesting. Visit online lectures to make the contents of the assignment engaging or try to ask questions like “what, why and how” to get invested.


Put a Prize

If you cannot find the motivation to begin the task, then try to use the method of rewarding yourself. Every time you complete a task, spend some time on your phone or read something other than course books to help you relax.


Reassess Your Goals

Think about the reasons you have chosen the subject. Maybe the assignment will get you closer to your dream job, or maybe you want to earn a lot of money. So set your priorities straight and find the motivation for long-term goals.


It might be tough in the beginning, so not be hard on yourself if you do not finish all the assigned tasks in a day. Take breaks and clear your head if something is bothering you so that your productivity is maximised.